Your Ultimate Guide to Your AC Indoor Air Quality with 8 Pro tips in Los Angeles


Tackling heatwaves in Los Angeles is a sport in itself. It’s you against soaring temperatures, unyielding sunshine, and the relentless game of keeping cool. Your central AC plays a crucial role in this never-ending match. But there’s more to it than just keeping your Tarzana home or your Beverly Hills office chilled. Your AC also takes the lead in maintaining indoor air quality. Ready for an eye-opener? You’re about to gulp in around 3,000 gallons of air today. Let that sink in!

So, how do we ensure that we’re not just inhaling heat and allergens? And what role does your AC play in all this? Let’s crank up the thermostat of wisdom and dive into the connection between air conditioning, indoor air quality, and how a seasoned HVAC contractor like LC Heating and Air fits into this intricate puzzle.

Understanding the Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Air quality isn’t just an outside issue. From West Hollywood condos to Calabasas villas, indoor air quality is a major concern. The stakes are high with allergens, seasonal allergies, pollen, smog, and low air quality. And no, we’re not just blowing hot air here!

The quality of the air you breathe indoors is pivotal for health and comfort. It can minimize allergens, reduce the risk of airborne diseases, and even improve your mood. Imagine walking into a room in Glendale or Sherman Oaks that’s not just cool, but also feels clean and refreshing – that’s good indoor air quality for you!

Air Conditioning to the Rescue

Your air conditioner does more than just keep your North Hollywood home or East Hollywood workspace cool. It removes indoor air pollutants, circulates filtered air, and maintains a comfortable humidity level. But the plot thickens when your AC is not serviced regularly or repaired promptly. A neglected AC unit may fail to filter air effectively, leading to dust, pollen, and allergens building up and affecting indoor air quality.

The Power of Filters

The MVP in our AC unit is the filter. While standard HVAC particulate filters can catch large pollutants, they often miss smaller ones. That’s when the superstars – HEPA filters and H13 filters – step in.

HEPA filters trap 99.97% of minuscule airborne particles, down to 0.3 microns (that’s super small). And H13 filters go even further, catching 99.95% of particles as tiny as 0.1 microns! Having these high-performance filters in your HVAC system is like having a superhero team ensuring the air you breathe is as clean as possible.

LC Heating and Air: Your Local HVAC Heroes

No matter if you’re in Van Nuys or Larchmont, LC Heating and Air is here to help you beat the heat and breathe easier. Our services cover everything from AC repair to full HVAC maintenance. But we don’t stop at just fixing things; we provide expert advice and long-term services to extend your cooling system’s lifespan and maintain excellent indoor air quality.

8 Pro Tips for Maintaining Your AC and Indoor Air Quality

1. Regular HVAC Maintenance: Schedule routine check-ups for your cooling systems to ensure they’re in optimal condition, just like you would with your car.

2. Filter Replacement: Regularly change your HVAC filters. HEPA or H13 filters offer the best air purification and should be replaced every six months.

3. Smart Thermostat Installation: Consider a smart thermostat to manage your AC usage better and maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

4. Professional AC Repair: Don’t ignore small issues with your AC; they can become big problems affecting the system’s efficiency and indoor air quality.

5. Ventilation: Ensure your home or office is well-ventilated to prevent the buildup of indoor pollutants.

6. Humidity Control: Too much humidity can encourage mold growth. An HVAC system with good humidity control can prevent this.

7. Clean Regularly: Regular cleaning can reduce the amount of dust and allergens that your HVAC system needs to filter out.

8. Go Green: Indoor plants can improve air quality by removing certain pollutants and adding oxygen.


From Fairfax to Burbank, from Woodland Hills to Beverly Hills, LC Heating and Air is committed to ensuring Los Angeles residents breathe better and live healthier. As the mercury rises and allergens rear their heads, we’re here to ensure your central AC unit is at its best, keeping your indoor air quality high.

Remember, staying cool in LA isn’t just about beating the heatwaves; it’s also about preserving indoor air quality, protecting our health, and ensuring our air conditioners run at their peak. With the right HVAC contractor by your side, you can relax and leave the air quality worries to us.

So whether you’re in Van Nuys, Glendale, or anywhere else in the City of Angels, rest easy knowing LC Heating and Air has your back. And that, dear friends, is a true breath of fresh air.

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