AC Repair on Glen Ridge Dr: Quick Fix for Sherman Oaks Homeowners

Quick AC Repair on Glen Ridge Dr in Sherman Oaks

When we received a call from a homeowner on Glen Ridge Dr in Sherman Oaks, we knew we had to act fast. The issue? Their AC unit was blowing warm air, a common problem that can stem from various HVAC problems. Upon arrival, our team at LC Heating and Air Conditioning conducted a detailed HVAC services call to diagnose the issue. The first step was to check the thermostat. Many times, an AC blowing warm air can be traced back to thermostat issues. We made sure it was set correctly and functioning as it should.

After inspecting the air filters, we found them clogged and replaced them with high-quality ones. We also checked for leaking refrigerant lines to ensure efficient cooling. Using a leak detector, we sealed any leaks promptly.

Addressing Dirty Coils and Electrical Problems

During our inspection, we found dirty condenser and evaporator coils. We cleaned them thoroughly to restore efficiency. Additionally, we checked the electrical components for any issues.

Ensuring Proper Refrigerant Levels and Fixing Clogged Drain Lines

One crucial aspect of our service call was to check the refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant levels can cause an AC unit to blow warm air. We ensured that the refrigerant levels were adequate and topped them up with R-410A refrigerant as needed. Another issue we addressed was the clogged drain lines. Clogged drain lines can cause water to back up and affect the AC’s performance. We cleared the drain lines to ensure smooth drainage and prevent any future issues.

Testing the Blower and Air Handler

We also tested the blower and air handler to ensure they were functioning correctly. Blower problems can lead to poor airflow and uneven temperature distribution. We made sure the blower was running smoothly and that the air handler was distributing air evenly throughout the home. Additionally, we checked for any mechanical wear and tear that could affect the system’s performance.

Final Checks and Recommendations

After addressing all the issues, including comprehensive AC repair services, we performed a final check to ensure everything was in working order. We meticulously tested the thermostat to ensure accurate temperature control and recommended regular HVAC maintenance to the homeowner. Regular AC repair and HVAC maintenance, including tune-ups twice a year, are essential for keeping the system running efficiently and prolonging its lifespan. Trust us to provide thorough maintenance and repair services to keep your HVAC system in optimal condition year-round.

About LC Heating and Air Conditioning

At LC Heating and Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch HVAC services. We are a family-owned business dedicated to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. Whether it’s AC repair, installation, or maintenance, We have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. Contact us for all your HVAC needs! Our team of certified HVAC professionals is here to serve you.

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